D.A.Stauer is a polyvalent artist, active in various fields: she is an artist, journalist, book writer, poet, model, actress and designer. 
Diana Avgusta Stauer is a Russian artist and writer, art journalist and TV presenter, model and actress.

1. Early life, music, horse jumping and modeling career

Born in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Diana Avgusta went on to study at the Irkutsk State Linguistic University, where she has mastered English and French translation and intercultural communication, and Novosibirsk Humanitarian Institute, where she studied philosophy and psychology.

In parallel to her scientific education, D.A.Stauer has always been passionate about the horses. She has been horse jumping at the Novosibirsk Regional Sport Educational Junior Olympic Reserve Equestrian School (SOUShOR) and participated at the horse jumping competitions at the local level.

At the age of 5 Diana Avgusta went to study music at the music school and was chosen to be the chorus soloist for the talent of singing recognized by the teachers.

Later on, she studied at the model academy Ludmila Silutina at the age of 15 and received modeling diploma. Since then she went on to become a fashion model.After taking professional classes of acting and performance, she played at drama theater and also took active part at the University theater.

2. Beauty Contests, Radio and TV

D.A.Stauer is often referred to as “Miss Siberia”. In 2005 Diana Avgusta, representing the title “Miss Novosibirsk”, took part in the beauty contest “Miss Siberia”, and received the crown and a ribbon of the winner with the title “Miss Tourism World”, which meant the name of the next contest she had the right to participate. She also voted to be the winner of several internet beauty contests in Siberia. Becoming a local celebrity, she was interviewed by the Russian TV program “Dorogoe Udovolstvie”(Luxury choice), “Missiya Uspekha” (Mission of Success) and had appeared on the covers of fashion and beauty magazines. During the period 2008-2011 Diana Avgusta has also appeared on Swiss TV and RTL Radio and Television of Luxembourg and press in India (Trivandrum) during the diplomatic events and national friendship projects of Russian Federation.

In December 2013 D.A.Stauer was invited by the famous Italian rock star Red Ronnie to be a guest at his TV show Roxy Bar TV di Red Ronnie. On 15 of December 2013 Diana Avgusta Stauer performed live painting and singing “Light my fire” commemorating the anniversary of Jim Morrison at Roxy Bar TV.

From 2014 D.A.Stauer together with producer Olga Kozarevska have started 2 video projects “Best in the world with Miss Siberia” (entertainment series that tells about the unique luxury experiences in the world) and “The Keys of the Arch” (a documentary series on art, travelling and culture).

From February 2015 D.A.Stauer is weekly participating in the entertainment live shows at FerroSocial TV together with famous radio DJ Roberto Ferrari and song writer and singer Davide de Marines.

In November 2015 D.A.Stauer has inaugurated her art exhibition "Ladies of the world against violence" in Ankara, which was very well received by art critics and media. During her cultural mission in Ankara, D.A.Stauer was interviewed by several TV programs  (TV6, Channel B), among which "6 Cadde", and guest of a life program "Hos bir Seda" (TV6).

Today Diana Avgusta Stauer is also a international artist, video and events presenter, as well as luxury fashion, beauty and jewelry brands ambassador.

3. Writing career.

3.1 Drowned in the Heavens and other novels

Diana Avgusta’s first novel Drowned in the Heavens, was written in 2007 under the pen name Diana Avgusta Stauer. Since then the author has decided to keep her real family name private for personal reasons and all her projects are signed accordingly.

The remarkable feature of her books is that she introduced a unique blend of mythology, philosophy, psychology, and history, entering the life frame of the characters as symbolic counterpart reality. There is a wide range of genres in which the author has been creating an amazing world of reality in its variety and transferring the reader across the timeline of the history vector. Her books are featuring the recurring themes bearing historical and archaeological connotations, mythological parallels as keys, symbols, and codes to understand the reason of our living and our mission in this world along with the personal research of the emotional and sensual experiences of the characters.

In 2014 a first limited edition of the book Drowned in the Heavens was published in Russian.

Diana Avgusta Stauer has also authored other books, which have not been published yet. The main literature project of D.A.Stauer " The Keys of the Arch" gave way to her video series "The keys of the Arch".

D.A.Stauer’s philosophical novels feature the leading female characters Stella Drowned in the Heavens), Elsa (The Keys of the Arch), also including historical themes and implying in the narration cosmogony myths and legends of the mythologies and religions of the different nations that lived in different time periods in the various parts of our planet, among which are Scandinavian, Ancient Greek, Incas, Ancient Egypt, Quiche, Australian aboriginal etc.

In her poems and novels D.A.Stauer is emphasizing that all the ancient sources are united by the idea of the presence of the supreme mind like demiurge or the Creator God, whose will or actions are the cause and driving force of the series circuit acts of creation.

D.A.Stauer puts her characters on a constant spiritual journey. The characters of her books find themselves in the adventures, discovering mysteries of the Universal wisdom as well as analyzing their own mind through the introspection and exploration of the vague balance of their knowledge and faith.

3.2 Indian Sunrise

D.A.Stauer has proved a fruitful poetry writer in Russian and English. Her poetry books Indian Sunrise, Silver Aster, The Well of Cognition accumulated more than100 poems on history, philosophy, travelling discoveries, and nostalgic emotional experiences.

Indian Sunrise is a poetry book published in 2014, much inspired by the author’s Spiritual Trip to India, plunging into the world of charming nature and positive energy.

It represents a unique a blend of colorful impressions combined with the ethnographic and cultural knowledge that would guide the reader into the world of mysterious revelation and discoveries.

Being a passionate traveller, Diana – Avgusta Stauer discovers most of the connotations and cultural realia for her literature creations in her travels, which makes it especially engaging and perplexing.

This book combines poetry originally written in English or translated from Russian by the author and the illustrations are the artworks of the author, who created a collection of artworks, dedicated to the poetry themes.

The book is designed by the author, with the idea of combining poetic and visionary impression, thus enabling an amazing traveling for the reader into the world of beauty, emotions, mystery, and discoveries.

The main idea of the book is to create a journey into the realm of beauty, emotions, cultural discoveries and philosophical contemplations of the author, which is presented in a form of a journey around the world, starting and finishing in India, that has evoked a creative diversity of inspiration in the author’s soul.

“I tried to cover the whole world in my book, as I have it in my heart. And I would love to invite the people from all over the world to read it. I hope that the idea of an illustrated poetry book that I have developed into an art and poetry album, giving nonetheless meaning to the art as to the poems, will be interesting for my readers. May be it is not always obvious, that there are a lot of spiritual connotations in my poems and artworks. Sometimes, you can look at the picture for sometime and then all of a sudden everything becomes clear to you, the painting so to say opens itself to the viewer. The same revelation you might have found in my poetry when you feel like you have a similar situation in your life or you just feel that you had the same thoughts and experiences.”

Diana – Avgusta Stauer. “Indian Sunrise.” iBooks.

3.3 Silver Aster

In 2009 the author created her first book of poetry «Silver Aster».

This poetry book was much inspired by the author’s nostalgia to her motherland, Russia, plunging into the world of charming memories, beautiful nature and enchanting tales of old times that the author has put in a beautiful poetic form. It is a unique blend of colorful impressions combined with the ethnographic and cultural knowledge that could guide the reader into the world of mysterious revelation and discoveries. This book combines poetry originally written in Russian by the author.

Since then the author has written a lot of beautiful poems while still working on her new novels projects.

3.4 Fashion and Beauty Books

In 2013 D.A.Stauer has developed a new genre, uniting her fashion and beauty testimonials with the unique copyright, and transforming it into a book. Her first book in this genre is Diary of My Happy Moments, where D.A.Stauer is sharing her beauty secrets and experiences of happy moments of life being testimonial of the Colombian Fashion Designer Souza Weich, was published on 40 digital platforms in April 2014.

4. Journalist Career

In January 2014 D.A.Stauer was selected by the leading Italian art expert Paolo Manazza to be the representative of the leading Italian online publication on art events and culture Artslife to write for the emerging Russian section of the Artslife.

Since February 2014 D.A.Stauer has been writing articles on cultural topics, disclosing the historical interaction of Italian and Russian culture, and art events worldwide.

Since September 2014 D.A.Stauer has become a curator of the Art Exhibitions Guide Section of "MILAN" Magazine.

Since October 2014 D.A.Stauer has become a curator of the Russian Section of Junglam Magazine.

5. Artist Career

Diana Avgusta is an avid artist working principally with oil colours on canvas. She has created more than 70 oil on canvas paintings, that the artist unites into the specific theme collection of paintings “1001 Arabic Nights”,” Escalade a Tahiti”, “African Tales”, “Still life”, “Back to Nature”, “Magnificent Mountains”, “Hyperborea”, “Ethnic Princesses”, “The Unity of the World Religions”.

In 2013 and 2014 D.A.Stauer participated in the Milan International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition exhibiting her designer tables “Play Time Collection”, that was realized in collaboration with Italian architect Andrea Lace.

5.1 In-Flusso Art Movement

Since 2014 D.A.Stauer is an active participant in the In-Flusso art movement, founded by Gino Masciarelli.

Since 2014 Diana Avgusta became an active participant of the expositions and art manifestations in Milan and other regions of Italy organized by her mentor Maestro Gino Masciarelli, president of the “In-Flusso” art movement.

In 2014 Diana Avgusta took part in the competition of over 100 artists of the “In-Flusso” movement to customize a helmet in a creative way. Her artwork "Transferring of reality: The harmony of body and soul”, representing the essence of life and harmony of human creation, has been exhibited during the Milan International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition at Corso Garibaldi, 4.

From May to September 2014 paintings of D.A.Stauer "Buddha” and “Margarita” have been participating in the exposition “Rosso di Maggio” (Comune di Gattinara, Italy) during the cultural events.

In February 2015 at Palazzo Binelli in Carrara, D.A.Stauer has participated at the exhibition "Thirty-six signs and colors of love." Paintings, sculptures and photographs were sold in an auction run by the Rotaract and Massa Carrara on 14 March at 18 at the headquarters of the pediatric hospital and the funds collected were donated to the hospital. D.A.Stauer has donated her artwork "The Cusco Girl". The funds from the auction selling of the artwork were donated to the children's hospital.

From July to August 2015, D.A.Stauer has participated at the "In-flusso nourishes the art", collective exhibition, curated by Gino Masciarelli.  This art exposition was part of the cultural initiatives, recognized by the Municipality of the city of Milan as part of the "EXPO in the City" program. The exposition was held at the Casa delle Associazioni e Volontariato, Via Marsala, 8, Milano, Italia.

5.2 IGAV

Since 2014 Diana Avgusta Stauer is part of the Istituto Garuzzo per le Arti Visive, a no profit organization born in 2005, with headquarters in Torino, that promotes the development of creativity in the artistic field through exhibitions and events at national and international level: exchanges between different countries, publications, debates and cultural comparisons. D.A.Stauer was chosen to participate at the Contemporary art exposition series curated by Dr. Alessandro Demma, IGAV “Contemporary Visions” (Capri 2014, Milan 2015, Shanghai 2015).

In November 2014 D.A.Stauer was chosen the artist of the month by the IGAV.

5.3 Magic of Colours

Magic of Colours and the Visual art of Adriana Santacruz

During the Milan Design Week 2014 D.A.Stauer has presented a 3-day series of her live painting performance “Magic of Colours”, at Palazzo Cusani, Brera.

D.A.Stauer was invited to the “Oikos” 30 years anniversary during Milan Design Week. As part of the celebration, “Oikos” organized a full schedule of events where leading architects met contractors, designers, builders, journalists to share views and case studies about “Oikos” materials. D.A.Stauer was invited as on of the few artists experimenting with the innovative materials to show how their products can be used in creative art.

D.A.Stauer is the author of the know-how, being the first artist who combined the usage of “Oikos” decorative and protective materials and the classic technique “oil on canvas”. The challenging part of D.A.Stauer technique lies in the process of combining the materials, which has its specifics in technical nuances, such as application of the protective coating, because its active ingredients can “eat out” the colours of the painting. Thus, this technique requires profound understanding of the colour properties, as well as consideration the compatibility of the chemical elements in the base and coating.

Apart from showing her new technique, during the colorful performance “The magic of Colors” D.A.Stauer has created the collection “Lady Oikos”. “Oikos” products has been applied to the objects of various nature (wood, metal, glass, fashion shoes), creating the effect of “visual alchemistry”: turning wood into metal, metal into stone, glass into bronze. These properties of the “optical illusion” effect the artist learned in the laboratory while her training in “Oikos” headquarters in Gatteo di Mare.

The experience of the performance along with the art of design, the myths and legends of the ancient craftsmanship, tradition and modern incarnation of beauty and radiance of shining hints and rainbow colours the author describes in her book “Magic of Colours and the Visual art of Adriana Santacruz“.

The inspiration for this book was Colombian fashion designer Adriana Santacruz, who was chosen to be Colombian fashion Ambassadeur and presents her country at the Paris Fashion Week 2014.

The designer has shared her thoughts and philosophy of creation of the new design and preservation of good old traditions that gave a way to mutual understanding and ongoing collaboration between the two creative ladies. In 2014 Adriana Santacruz has chosen D.A.Stauer to be the brand’s Digital Ambassadeur. The photos of D.A.Stauer wearing Adriana Santacruz pret-a-porter and haute-couture collection garments at Design Week events and performances, appear in the special chapter of the book “Magic of Colours and the Visual art of Adriana Santacruz”.

5.4. Arte senza confini 

From April to June 2015 the International Exhibition of Painting Poetry Sculpture "Art: Soul food." took place in the just restored Palazzo Calderara,  the current seat of the municipality of Vanzago, which is spread over two floors with established artists of international reputation. This art exposition was part of the cultural initiatives, recognized by the Municipality of the city of Milan as part of the "EXPO in the City" program.

5.5. "Arte , Moda, Musica " 

In July 2015 Diana Avgusta Stauer has participated in the International "Art, fashion, music" exposition at the Villa Amoretti, in the Cultural Capital of Italy, Turin.

5.6. "Ladies of the World against Violence " 

"Ladies of the World" is an exposition of the several theme collections of paintings inspired by the ethnic and modern beauty of women around the world. The unity of the women around the world is in their passion for life and enigma of the soul. Diana Avgusta Stauer has expressed her deep recognition of the powerful energy of the eyes of the ladies belonging to different time and traditions.

The discourse of the paintings is not only a fantasy world of the time and space traveling, but has a unique significant meaning here and now. It is a proclamation against Violence against women.

It is not by chance that the artist has chosen to expose at the SPACE Art and Beauty Gallery in the New Fashion District of Milan, making this project together with the beauty director Abla Barca.

The exposition "Ladies of the World" gave way to the new projects and achievements. In 2014, at the VI female entrepreneurship forum against gender discrimination, the speaker from the API Donna Organization, Dr. Hella Colleoni Zanetti in her presentation on Cross-Cultural approach to Business described Diana Avgusta Stauer as an example of international successful woman and artist.

"Ladies of the world against Violence" is having their continuation as a project of internationally recognized social importance. In November, 2015, a charity exhibition "Ladies of the world against Violence" with a support of International Soroptimist Club was opened in Ankara, in the time of terrorist attacks all over the world and social instability. During her cultural mission in Ankara D.A.Stauer has realized education and art initiatives.

The president of the Soroptimist Club, Mrs. Ilke Erol has honored D.A.Stauer with the "Soroptimist award" for her input into the international combatting against the violence by art exhibition "Ladies of the world against Violence" and art show.

In 2016 the artist D.A.Stauer was invited by Dr. Kamenetskaya Natalia, curator, author of critical articles, Chairman of the Gender section of the 'Creative Union of Artists of Russia ( - to enter the the Gender section and become a member of Creative Artists of Russia.

The artist D.A.Stauer, lives and works in Paris, Miami and other key cities of the world, developing international projects. Her artworks are exhibited in galleries and museums in Italy and other countries of the world.

6. Social Life

Diana Avgusta is an active participant of social, fashion and art events worldwide.

She has participated at many cultural and political events promoting friendship between Russia and other countries, especially India as a young cultural representative supported by the Russian Cultural Centre in Trivandrum.

D.A.Stauer is promoting environment friendly lifestyle and has been a member of the WWF since 2003.

She believes in saving natural resources and promotes paperless reading and publishing. Her books are being published in more than 40 international digital platforms, including AppleStore, Kindle, Amazon, etc. Indian Sunrise and Diary of my Happy Moments, have been published in April 2014.

7. Fanclub

D.A.Stauer has presence on the digital media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In.
Her largest fanclub is formed by D.A.Stauer facebook page that has over 56000 fans, actively commenting and supporting her new fashion, art and literature projects.

8. Social Links

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