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Diana Avgusta Stauer is proud to share with her audience the references of famous people, experts in different fields: art, literature, fashion, design and other fields of business and creativity from various countries of the world.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful words, that I am happy to share. I would also like to thank my fans, that are supporting all my creative projects. God bless you!” Diana Avgusta Stauer.

Hella Colleoni Zanetti

This woman is an example of cross-cultural success in art and culture area. Here is she: a successful fashion ambassador, and Diana leading for women rights. Of Russian citizenship, birth and upbringing, she is a highly successful international supermodel. Her passion is art and her favourite country is Italy. He decided after 15 years of working all over the world to turn the page and give in to her passion, which has now become her profession: she has art galleries in Italy and France, and her paintings are exhibited around…

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Guido Brivio.

Look at the lips of the paintings of Diana Stauer. Not the eyes, but the lips. They are the true mirrors of the souls of their protagonists. Suspended as if willing to reveal an unspeakable secret, like those of Nefertiti, open to pronounce a condemnation  or shout for their own salvation, as the priestess of the Druids, parted in an enigmatic smile, like those of Margaret, a happy conquest of which their victim is still unaware. These lips seal or open up a world to discover forever. Devouring, or leaving…

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Olga Kozarevskaya

Diana's works philosophy and objective - to improve art proficiency, show and tell about the magic world that exists around us and inside us. It is to cope with this intended purpose, that Diana is experimenting in all media areas: she is writing articles about art, creating artworks , writing books, is working on her author - video program, which highlights the latest achievements in the art world. Olga Kozarevskaya. Media producer

Adriana Santacruz

Dear Diana! It's huge the excitement when I see how you warm your body and beautify your spirit through a weave that binds us. I love you. Blessings, Adriana Diana querida! Es enorme la emoción que siento al ver como abrigas tu cuerpo y embelleces tu espíritu a través de un tejido que nos une. Te quiero. Bendiciones, Adriana

Mr. Ratheesh P Nair

Diana Avgusta Stauer is cultural Ambassador of the Russian Cultural Centre in TRIVANDRUM, INDIA. Her books are helping to build the bridge between different cultures, people. We are all unique and different as heros of her books, and we all have same wish to find in peace and love. Diana Avgusta Stauer is one of the young prominent writers that we support and we believe that literature and art is one of the ways of succesful intercultural communication”.

Luisa Pisano

We are talking about one of our editing team parties, Diana Avgusta Stauer. Exs Miss Siberia, as you can see from the photo and video, not only very educated but also extremely beautiful. Editor in Chief of Junglam, Luisa Pisano.​ Si tratta nientemeno che di una delle nostre responsabili di redazione, ovvero Diana Avgusta Stauer. Ex Miss Siberia, Diana, come si può osservare dalle foto e dal video, è non solo colta ma anche bellissima. Direttore Editoriale di Junglam, Luisa Pisano

Gabriele Guglielmino

Artistic Universe of D.A. Stauer Diana Avgusta Stauer is a young artist with a daily growing esthetic sense derived from her profession as a model - in close connection with the fashion and design world – and a passion for the arts and literature which makes her a sort of living mystery for the public eye. The same dedication that she demonstrates towards her personal image is also evident in her artistic activity, understanding that being a promoter of beauty means first and foremost, to have a balanced relationship with…

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