Diana Avgusta Stauer  (D.A.Stauer) internationally known for her activism on women’s abuse, portrayed through her art. In her career she has amassed quite a reputation with her repertoire spanning over different mediums of visual expression. With her experience in modeling, acting, writing, and art.

She has gained an understanding of the power of visual media. With this understanding, she is able to express her activism in art freely and unapologetically. She has gone to such lengths to express her ideas of anti violence, by founding her international awareness project “Ladies of the world against violence.” Her work has been exhibited throughout the world, impacting cities like Milan, Venice, Paris, Shanghai, Ankara, and Miami. With over 6 available languages under her belt. Diana is a leader in communication and is able to reach a large audience of both women and men of all races and ethnicities to inspire.

  • Japanese Style Art

    My inspiration for the art collection “Japanese Style” comes from the memories of visiting Japan. Japanese art and culture is very unique, and it has left an important imprint in…

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  • Informal

    Informal is a collection of artworks by D.A.Stauer in the style "informal", where the colors are real and the forms are dissociated with their real counterparts.

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  • Ladies of the World against Violence

    "Ladies of the World against Violence" is an art project to combat with violence internationally, that D.A.Stauer is realizing with the support of International Women Organizations.

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  • WatermelonQueenArt

    The WatermelonQueenArt  Contemporary art collection WatermelonQueenArt, also known as watermelon adventures (see ), was inspired by the idea of a watermelon being a symbolic representation of a beautiful modern…

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  • The Keys of the Arch

    “The Keys of the Arch” is a theme collection by D.A.Stauer, which assembles paintings inspired by the history of the Ancient Civilizations, the culture, philosophy and traditions of different continents…

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  • Cards

    Our life is a game, this famous phrase  inspired D.A.Stauer to create "Cards" theme collection.

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