Live performances are one of the main feature of D.A.Stauer events.
Diana Avgusta Stauer has been participating in different challenging live painting performances and has been awarded a prize for her are initiatives against violence.

“Trentasei segni e colori d’amore”, mostra a palazzo Binelli

Carrara, February 17, 2015 - Saturday, February 21, at 16, at Palazzo Binelli in Carrara, headquarters of the Foundation of Local Savings Bank, started the exhibition "Thirty-six signs and colors of love." Paintings, sculptures and photographs were sold in an auction run by the Rotaract and Massa Carrara on 14 March at 18 at the headquarters of the pediatric hospital and the funds collected were donated to the hospital. D.A.Stauer has donated her artwork "The Cusco Girl". The funds from the auction selling of the artwork were donated to the children's hospital.

Arte senza confini. Cibo Dell’Anima

From April to June 2015 the International Exhibition of Painting Poetry Sculpture "Art: Soul food." took place in the just restored Palazzo Calderara,  the current seat of the municipality of Vanzago, which is spread over two floors with established artists of international reputation. This art exposition was part of the cultural initiatives, recognized by the Municipality of the city of Milan as part of the "EXPO in the City" program.    

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Rosso di maggio

Diana Avgusta Stauer participated in the contextual exposition «Rosso di maggio» in Italy  with her artworks "Buddha" and "Margherita".

Visions at Certosa

In 2014 D.A.Stauer was invited to participate in the exposition "Visioni contemporanee nella Certosa. Artisti italiani a Capri" organised by the Institution of Visual Arts Garuzzo. Set Up and Exhibition: Capri, Certosa of St. Giacomo From 08/09/2014 to 12/09/2014 Opening: Capri, Certosa of St. Giacomo From 13/09/2014 to 12/10/2014

Transferring of reality

My inspiration gives title to the artwork: "Transferring of reality: The harmony of body and soul." A human being has a bio-social nature. On the one hand, it represents an ancient warrior as a powerful material structure of our essence. On the other part it is our soul who has fantasy, dreams and creative thinking. In general, it is man and woman, the past tradition and modern society. The essence of our life and harmony of human creation.

Milan Design Week

2014 Milan Design Week 
3-day series live painting performance “Magic of Colours”, at Palazzo Cusani, Brera, Milan, Italy.
The experience of the performance along with the art of design, the author describes in her book “Magic of Colours and the Visual art of Adriana Santacruz“.

Ladies of the World Art Exhibition

November 2014 ART Exposition of Diana Avgusta Stauer "Ladies of the World", an artistic project with the goal to promote the worldwide awareness of the violence problem and call for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.